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 The “OSCAR… PER TUTTI” association has been officially constituted by the Macchi notary’s office in Legnago (Verona) on 23rd February 2007 with the purpose to promote and organise the raising of funds necessary for cancer research, through activities and demonstration, with the personal and spontaneous work of the members. 

The principal purpose is the financing of valid research projects through SCHOLARSHIP destined to the professional specialization of medical researchers. We will collaborate with some of the existing associations, like AIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research), which is an active institution that has been promoting the research since 1965 and boasts 2.000.000 members throughout Italy and donates yearly about 150 one, two and three-year scholarships.

The scholarships that we are going to finance will not only be dedicated to Oscar, but also to all the unlucky people that, like him and us, have to encounter and lose against cancer. Our wish is that, this terrible disease can be conquered and the next generation will not have to live our pain.


The minimum financing for a scholarship today is Euro 20.000 per year: it is a simple and important idea. An idea we wish it can spread always more, through a lot of people that, like we do, want to keep the dear people’s memory alive, investing a large or small sum of money on medical research’s projects, with the objective to relieve the physical pain and to eradicate a disease that nowadays does not give any hope, because this is helpful …. FOR ALL. 

The Association “OSCAR… PER TUTTI” has opened a current account no. 050570 493868 at the BANCA POPOLARE DI VICENZA, branch of Bonavigo (ABI 5728 CAB 60060 CIN V)- [swift/bic : BPVI IT 22050 ]- (fiscal code 91015970238), where both individual donation and proceeds from various activities of funds collection (competitions, concerts, meeting….) will be paid. Each donor will see his name on the list of the members and he will be regularly informed about the amount of the raising sum and also the related activities.

Further information can be obtained writing to: Associazione “Oscar… per tutti onlus”, via Canton 2- 37040 Bonavigo (Verona) Italy; or sending an e-mail to: