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Why choose the StarClean glass treatment

  • StarClean, only by Samo—the company has implemented this exclusive treatment in its production process, optimizing the quality and price of its products.
  • StarClean is specifically for shower cabin windows—it acts on the silicon molecules contained in the glass.
  • StarClean is water repellent—when applied to both surfaces of a panel, the water simply slides off, making cleaning much simpler and more effective; by simply drying it off immediately after use, the possibility of streaking and staining is eliminated.
  • StarClean is anti-limestone—when the water slides off, it greatly reduces the formation of limescale, and any remaining traces are easily removed as they no longer adhere to the surfaces of the glass.
  • StarClean is scratch resistant and makes glass more impact resistant.
  • StarClean adds shine to glass surfaces.
  • StarClean is already included in many shower-cabin series. However, Samo still offers StarClean as an option with other product series.
  • StarClean is trademark customizable. Trademarks become visible only during shower cabin use.

Cleaning our products

As no material is perfectly resistant to any cleaning agent found in stores, NOT FOLLOWING the instructions below may be cause for the INVALIDATION of the Samo Products WARRANTY.

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Shower cabin maintenance tips

NEVER USE Corrosive products

NEVER USE Corrosive products, like products containing Chlorine (hypochlorites or similar products, like bleach).


NEVER USE Products containing Active Oxygen (for example, Perborates).

NEVER USE Products containing Acid 

NEVER USE Products containing Acid (like Hydrochloric Acid (muriatic) Nitric Acid or Nitrates, Hydrofluoric Acid or Fluorides.

NEVER USE Products containing Soda

NEVER USE Products containing Soda and, in general, products with pH values less than 6 and greater than 8.

NEVER USE Abrasive products and/or powders 

NEVER USE Abrasive products and/or powders, as they can mechanically and irremediably damage the shower enclosure.