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Why choose the StarClean glass treatment

  • StarClean is only by Samo: we have implemented the treatment as a standard procedure in our  anufacturing process.
  • StarClean is specifically for glass shower enclosures: acting permanently on the molecules of silica contained in the glass.
  • StarClean is safe: the performance of the treatment is always guaranteed.
  • Starclean is NOT self-cleaning.
  • StarClean is waterproof: is applyed on both glass panel sides; the water flows away and makes cleaning easyer. With just a wipe immediately after taking a shower is easy to prevent marks and stains.
  • StarClean is lime scale free: thanks to the treatment the water flows doesn’t leave drops hanging on the surface leaving scale stains.
  • StarClean is scratch free: the treatment make the surface virtually anti scratch.
  • StarClean is crash resistat: the treatment make the surface thougher.
  • StarClean is more shining: the treatment make the surface to shine more than normal glass.
  • StarClean is standard or optional: due to its popularity is already standard in most of shower enclosure series. Where is not SAMO gives you the possibility to choose.
  • StarClean is branded: we can inprint your brand or name and it will appear only when the shower is in use.